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Review for the Spirit of the Revolution

Debbie Peterson has a gift for telling a tale of impossible romance. Part of the delight in her books is sharing the journey and wondering how she's going to bring about an ending that leaves the reader with a contented sigh. If you've read her previous book, SPIRIT OF THE REBELLION, you know she enjoys pairing a hero from the past with a heroine in the present.

In the case of SPIRIT OF THE REVOLUTION, we get Mathias McGregor, leader of a band of Pennsylvania Rangers/spies who support the Patriot cause and are called upon to deliver intelligence to George Washington. Unfortunately, before they can fulfill their assignment, they meet an untimely end at the hands of the Redcoats. Fast forward to the twenty-first century where Jolena Michaelsson, a renowned violinist, has bought the house where Mathias and his rangers linger in ghostly form.

It isn't' long before Mathias and `the boys' introduce themselves. What follows is a mix of romance, mystery, genealogy, history and adventure.

Like Jolena, I fell in love with the boys immediately, especially Mathias and his closest friend, Sam. There's a particular scene near the end that had me reaching for Kleenex and pleading right along with Jolena. It was late, but I couldn't put the book down until I finished it and reached that impossible how-did-she-pull-it-off satisfying ending.

I highly recommend SPIRIT OF THE REVOLUTION for anyone who enjoys an engaging read offering a unique blend of romance and history with characters who will steal your heart!

Review by Mae Clair from

Whenever I read a romance with a ghost as one of the main characters (it doesn't happen that often) I'm always a tad worried about how the author will make it work. I love a happy ending and if I don't get one, then I'm disgruntled, but it's hard to get one when the heroine or hero is decidedly dead. Luckily, Debbie Peterson pulls this off really well, and I was definitely satisfied with the HEA...

Review by Cerian at Rookie Romance. Read the rest of the Review here

Debbie Peterson has written an extremely heart-wrenching story featuring men from Revolutionary times who are killed while conducting a mysterious mission. It's a mission that's still important today and must be solved for them to find peace. This story combines not only a sweetly satisfying romance but a bit of mystery amongst this life and death theme...

Review by Joder, Words of Wisdom...From the Scarf Princess. Read the rest of the Review here

Spirit of the Revolution is one of the sweetest romances I have read. It is a paranormal romance combining history, mystery and suspense all wrapped up into one great read!...

Review by Barbara Ann...Sun Mountain Reviews Read the rest of the Review here

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